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Your business website should be the best new client generator for Your business.
Welcome To Our "5 Reasons You’re Not Getting More Business From Your Website" Free Video Training
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Kyle Battis

Kyle Battis has been involved in advertising and marketing since 1999 and co-founded NH Strategic Marketing in 2012. He and his team have extensive experience designing Marketing Campaigns that make money for small businesses.

What You're Going To Learn

Your website should be one of the best new client generators for your business.  If you want your business website to perform better than it currently is then this Free video training is for you.  On this training you will learn:  
  • Why you shouldn't cross the road without looking both ways and how that relates to your website marketing.  
  • Why most websites are like a "car without an engine" and exactly what your website should have under the hood.  
  • T​he one question your website MUST answer and 2 specific ways your website should generate inbound leads for you.
  • ​The "blind archery" problem most business online marketing plans suffer from and exactly how to fix it.  
  • How to position yourself for success in your local market and learn how to stand out from your competitors - We will show you how to dominate your local market and get a leg up on your competition.
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